About Us

About Edubase

Edubase was founded in 1996 and has since been providing a wide range of Chinese Language, Culture and Arts enrichment courses for close to 200 Government, Government-Aided and Independent Schools per annum in Singapore.

Edubase’s courses are structured and delivered with an end objective in mind. Our programmes encourage creativity and focus on hands-on experiential learning approach. At Edubase, we ensure that we have a high standard of delivery from our trainers. Every trainer is stringently selected and would go through in-house preparation and training before being officially posted to teach in schools. We have also put in place an internal and external assessment system to ensure a high level of customer service is maintained. It is this continuous relentless pursuit of excellence that won us many commendations and accolades from the industry.

Our Chinese Arts Department is proud to announce that since 2006, our Arts programmes received recognitions and had been enlisted under the National Art Council Arts Education Programme, with 7 endorsed programmes and more than 30 registered instructors. These instructors are also registered under MOE’s AMIS Programme. Thus, Primary schools are able to apply for AMIS’ subsidies for these approved Chinese Arts programmes.

Why Choose Edubase?

  • Two decades of proven high standard curriculum delivery.
  • Our programmes encourage creativity and practicality to allow experiential learning.
  • Our teaching faculty is experienced and approved by MOE.
  • We customise solutions to meet our clients’ budget and expectations.
  • We are committed to customer service excellence.
  • We endeavour a fast turnaround response time.
  • Our Arts programmes are endorsed under MOE-AMIS.

We Tailor Our Solutions To Your Needs

We understand that every customer will have different needs and budgets. It is our aim to ensure that every need is met without compromising on programme quality. We are happy to discuss with you to derive a tailor-made programme outline based on our available series at your preferred time, duration and budget. Should there be other interests that are not covered in our series, we are open to offering them as we have a panel of professional and experienced instructors who are MOE-AMIS registered and cover a wide range of expertise areas.

We Believe in Long Term Relationships

We believe in building long term relationships with our clients. Over the last two decades, we have built loyal customers as they have confidence and trust in our service and programme delivery. We strive to meet with every need through our customised solutions and our pool of experienced and dedicated trainers.

A Holistic & Experiential Learning Approach to Achieving Culture Awareness, Language Training and Communication Skills